A must have for you home in Mallorca is a swimming pool. With many styles to choose from, it can be hard to determine the ideal pool for you, we’ve put together a list of different designs to help inspire you.

Perimeter overflow pools

Perimeter overflow pools create a glass like effect in which the water has a smooth mirror like surface with no ripples. This effect is created by constant water circulating over the edge of the pool into a tank and then back into the pool.


Infinity pools

Ideal for pools that overlook outstanding views such as houses along the coastline and mountains, making them perfect in Mallorca. They produce a visual effect of water ‘vanishing’ to ‘infinity’ or the background. The water flows over a wall into a catch basin that then recirculates the water back into the pool. The movement of the water acts as a softener to blur the line between the side of the pool and the view.


Splash pool

Splash pools are ideal for children and also for relaxation as they contain shallow water. The pools are shallow enough to accommodate lounge chairs to relax in water and also are safe enough for children to play, but also deep enough for water games such as volleyball. These pools are perfect for houses with less room to accommodate a large pool design.

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Lap pool

Lap pools are long, narrow and rectangular and normally average 50 feet in length. They are ideal for those wishing to swim for exercise and train. As long as space permits these can look elegant and stylish, they are often more economical than a conventional type swimming pool.

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Plunge pool

A small pool designed just for lounging and cooling off. These pools are great if you have limited space and can often be equipped with massage jets.

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