Mountain Radio was recently started by Hayley Newbury a local resident in Deia. Hayley has a new passion for radio and music and after working in various radio stations and organising music concerts, she has launched Mountain Radio, working from the mountains of Deia and broadcasting worldwide.

Giving a voice to the community, Mountain Radio shares news and experiences of Deia with the world.

Broadcasting from the beautiful mountains of Deia to a worldwide audience, Mountain Radio came onto the airwaves in 2015 and is quickly growing in popularity with listeners from all corners of the world. Giving a wide range of features to suit a variety of listeners, some include:

Storytellers of Deia – have a story about Deia? Storytellers of Deia is a brand new weekly slot where anyone can be a storyteller.

What’s On With Soller Web – Shirley Roberts presents this informative show giving detailed information about what is on in Deia, Soller and the surrounding areas.

Siesta Sounds – health and wellness tips from the girls from Spa@Home with some wonderful chill out tunes

Neo Dreams 1111 – presented by Montse Palomo – a space to get inspired and empowered to follow their dreams.

Cafe Cody – a linkup to cafe Cody for some inspiring talks.