There’s something rather special about inviting guests to dine at your private home and having the luxury of great food, wine and service.

At ‘Luxe Properties’ we have compiled a list of ideas to make the dining experience even more memorable.

  • Lighting – At any event lighting is the key to creating the right mood. During summer in Mallorca fairy lights on trees, uplighters and big candle lanterns create that enchanted evening look. Indoors lighting should be layered, with lamps and plenty of candles to create an intimate effect.
  • Flowers– From simple arrangements to centre pieces on the dinning table, flowers help to bring colour to the tables and lovely natural room fragrances. We work with a brilliantly talented florist from Soller and can arrange the pieces to be delivered to your home.
  • Oranges and lemons– A very simple and effective way to decorate the dinning table in a true meditteranean way is to place small piles of oranges and/or lemons along the table. This works particularly well on a white table cloth or inside big glass candle lantern, springs of bougainvillea also look great alongside the fruits.
  • Music– We can arrange for musicians to come and play live music during your event, set an atmospheric mood with a Spanish guitarist playing as your guests arrive, or hire a jazz quartet to play post mealtime.

Let the team at ‘Luxe Properties’ know your catering needs, we’d be happy to help.

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