An English poet, novelist, critic and classicist. Robert Graves was born in Wimbledon, England in July 1895. Probably best known as the author of I, Claudius and Claudius the God and survivor of the Great War, he is one of the greatest poetry and literary figures of the 20th century.

In 1929, Robert moved to Deia in Mallorca with his then wife Laura Riding on the advise of a friend Gertrude Stein who assured them “Mallorca is a paradise providing you can stick with it”.

Right from the beginning Robert and Laura were fascinated with Deia and they soon built a house on the outskirts of the village overlooking the sea. Robert also set up a printing press in his house publishing some of his most famous novels. During the Spanish civil war and the Second World War he was forced to leave Mallorca. Once the conflicts were over, Robert returned to Deia, this time with his new wife Beryl Pritchard.

Adored by Deia villagers, Robert is known as the man who transformed the village into a place visited by many interesting and artistic characters. Many of his friends came to stay over the years including famous novelists such as Kingsley Amis, Allan Sillitoe and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Also actors including Alex Guinness, Peter Ustinov and even Ava Gardner.┬áRobert Grave’s presence during the 60’s and 70’s fuelled the hippie period during which many artists and musicians visited, such as Kevin Ayers, Mike Oldfield and Mati Klarwein.

Robert lived in Deia until his death ion 1985, his grave can be found in the Deia cemetery. His home has now been turned into a museum showcasing his life and work.

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