Passing the “Raixa”, the museum is sited right at the entrance to the tunnel that connects Palma to Sóller. The access consists of a wide avenue, or Roman “paseo de salon”, with three lanes of large plane trees, that reaches the “Clastra” ( the typical “patio” of Majorcan country houses of a certain importance, called “possesions” ).

Historic references indicate that this was once the home of the Arabic Viceroy of the island. The structure of the house has Roman-Andalusian roots. We find features and elements of different styles: Arabic, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Roman, Rococo and even English in the decoration of the rooms. The gardens are certainly a fine example of Moorish garden design, where the emphasis is on water and irrigation.

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1 November– 31 March:

Monday to Friday: 09.30 – 17.30

Saturday: 09.30 – 13.00

Closed on Sundays.

1 April– 31 October: 

Monday to Saturday: 09.30 – 18.30

Closed on Sundays.

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